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Visitor Comment: “CNN recently featured a special called “What Would Jesus Really Do?” On the show, they had a Rabbi talking about the real Jesus. The show also described Jesus as someone who would take an active roll in addressing today’s social problems. Please comment.”

Jesus for Judaism Response: “Central to Judaism is the theme of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. This seemed to be an important part of the message that Jesus preached and lived. So, it is very likely that Jesus would be concerned about issues like war and poverty.”

Visitor Comment: “I just found out that The Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, a Christian Theatre, is featuring the play ‘The Quarrel’ which is a thoroughly Jewish play with no reference to Christianity at all. Why would Christians be promoting Jewish plays instead of Christian plays? What’s going on?”

Jesus for Judaism Response: “Yes, we’re familiar with this. The play is running from January 25 to Feruary 17, 2007. Judaism and the Jewish experience are becoming increasingly manifested in the lives of Christians who are feeling drawn to experience and express their Jewish heritage which is central to the message of their Jesus. You can click here to visit the website of The Pacific Theatre or click here to learn more about the movie version of The Quarrel.”

Visitor Comment: “I was recently watching the movie “Tortilla Soup” and noticed in the first 5 minutes of the movie the main characters were discussing whether Jesus was Catholic or Christian. One of them stated that Jesus was Jewish. This pronouncement was immediately accepted and the discussion moved on. After reading your website I understand in a deeper way what this phenomenon is all about.” (20050415fr1651)

Jesus for Judaism Response: “Thanks for contacting us. It seems that Hollywood and mainstream media are picking up on the fact that Jesus really was Jewish.” [Click here to download or listen to the audio WAV file – 276k. Right click for more options. | Click here for more information about the video Tortilla Soup.]

Visitor Comment: “There is a Jewish organization called the Tikkun Community who recently had the statement ‘Jesus the Jew’ on the cover of their magazine. Are Jewish organizations reclaiming Jesus after so many years? Is this kind of like Joseph reconciling with his brothers after many years of separation? What’s up with this? Will Jesus eventually leave the company of the Gentiles and return to the community of Jewish thought and expression?”

Jesus for Judaism Response: “It seems that Jewish organizations are increasingly willing to publicly profess the Jewishness of Jesus. This is awkward because of the Christian Church’s history of persecuting Jews for many years. Yet, forgiveness and reconciliation have made this increasingly possible.”

Visitor Comment: “I was watching a special on PBS about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called Martin’s Lament and people on the show were talking about Jesus being Jewish. What’s up with that?” (20040229su)

Jesus for Judaism Response: “We’re familiar with this documentary. The segment of the show you are probably referring to is about 36 minutes into the show where Sherri Summitt (a member of the Second Baptist church) states about Jesus, ‘He was Jewish, he wasn’t black nor was he white. He was Jewish, but that has no bearing on about how I feel about Jesus.’ Sherri’s statement was immediately followed by a comment from Randall Bailey (of the Interdenominational Theological Center) about what happened historically when people realized that Jesus was Jewish, ‘The second thing that happened was that Caucasian people in Germany and France and the Scandinavian countries became Jewish -converted to Judaism.’ Realizations like this are increasingly becoming mainstream.”

Visitor Comment: “I was listening to Christian radio today and heard a story about a Baptist Church that will be meeting in the same building as a Jewish Reform Congregation for the next 14 months. Apparently the Baptists are not trying to ‘convert’ the Jews, but rather the Baptist congregation is joining in Jewish services and worshipping with the Jewish congregation. What is this all about?” (20010604mo)

Jesus for Judaism Response: “Yes, we are aware of this news story. If you search on the Internet for similar stories you will find thousands of other incidents where such events are occurring. Christians are becoming more and more aware of the Jewish roots and they are desiring to learn about and support Judaism. Often these circumstances arise when Jewish congregations are without their Synagogue or Temple due to building expansion projects accommodating the rapid growth of Jewish congregations in the United States.”

Visitor Comment: “This past weekend I watched the movie Meet the Parents starring Robert DeNiro and the Jewish comedian Ben Stiller who’s character in the film is also Jewish. The film was produced by Nancy Tenenbaum and Jane Rosenthal. There is a scene in the film where the comment is made that Ben’s character is Jewish, to which a follower of Jesus replies sincerely and enthusiastically ‘So was JC. Wow! You’re in good company.’ I thought it was unusual for mainstream secular media to pickup on the Jesus is Jewish theme. What’s your take on this?” (20010321we)

Jesus for Judaism Response: “Yes, we are familiar with that film. What most people don’t realize is that much of that movie was improvisational. The film was originally scripted to reflect a jealously and antagonism between the two characters in the scene you mentioned. However, the actors decided change the mood, so the follower of Jesus and the Jew actually warm up to each other, with the ‘So was JC’ comment creating a pivotal point in the film. The Jesus is Jewish theme is enjoying more visibility even in non-religious venues. We have the audio track from that scene available for download as a WAV file.” [Click here to download or listen to the audio WAV file – 308k. Right click for more options. | Click here for more information about the video Meet the Parents.]

Visitor Comment: “I was watching a broadcast by Zola Levitt Ministry on Christian television today and two people in Israel were interviewed. The first person interviewed was a Christian/Messianic Israeli pastor who was not in favor of traditional evangelism or proselytizing. He felt that people should just share their faith as a normal course of life through personal conversations rather than having organized efforts to target groups for conversion. The other person interviewed was a Christian/Messianic publisher in Israel who stated that Christians shouldn’t try to convert Jews to Christianity because Judaism is just as valid a religion as Christianity – rather than talking about religion, Christians should limit their discussions of faith to talking about the person of Jesus. What do you think about this?” (20010311su)

Jesus for Judaism Response: We are aware of this broadcast. We monitor various radio and television broadcasts and have noticed an increased appreciation for Judaism within the Christian community. There is also a refreshing humility which is beginning to replace the theological arrogance that occasionally surfaced in Christian evangelism. Rather than aggressively debating theology which can be divisive, Christians are simply presenting and living the life and teachings of Jesus. We see this as a good thing. More information about Zola Levitt Ministry is available online at:

Visitor Comment: “This week I was listening to a Christian radio station and there was a report about Jesus being Jewish describing him as an observant Orthodox Jew who would have worn phylacteries to synagogue. The report said that there are still Jewish people like Jesus in Israel today practicing the faith that Jesus practiced. Is this advertising from your organization? Please comment on this.” (20010224sa)

Jesus for Judaism Response: The report you heard is being aired on Christian radio stations. It is produced by the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Because Jesus was a devout Jew, it is possible that he would have respected the Biblical command to bind the words of God to the forehead and hands. He went so far as to criticize some of the Pharisees for not living a life expressive of the practice. We have not yet determined why Christian radio stations are now broadcasting Jewish teachings from Israel promoting the Jewish faith of Jesus.

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