The Gospel of Jesus is Preached in Synagogues Today

It’s hard to believe, yet it’s true. The “Gospel of Jesus Christ” is being preached in Jewish Synagogues around the world on a regular basis. In fact, the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” is being preached more frequently in Jewish Synagogues today than in Christian Churches.

“How can this be?” You ask. Well, the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” is different than the “Gospel about Jesus Christ.” The “Gospel of Jesus Christ” refers to the gospel or message that Jesus preached. The message that Jesus preached was a message (or gospel) about the Kingdom of God. Remember all of those Kingdom of God parables and all that talk about the coming Kingdom of God. In “the Lord’s prayer” you’ll recall the reference to “thy Kingdom come.”

In Synagogues today, the “Kingdom of God” is a frequent topic of readings and prayers. One might protest saying, “How can they do that!? Isn’t that copyright infringement!?” Well, you’ll recall that Jesus is Jewish. So, Judaism isn’t copying Jesus’ teachings, Jesus’ teachings reflect Jewish faith and thought. From what we know, he quoted exclusively from the Jewish scriptures, even though there would have been other texts and books of wisdom available in his day. He fervently and enthusiastically preached and promoted a “living,” vibrant, and dynamic form of spiritual Judaism.