Since Jesus was Jewish, and his original followers were Jewish, modern day followers of Jesus might want to consider embracing Judaism by worshipping God in the context of Jewish faith, life, and community. This could be done through conversion to Judaism or simply through support of Judaism as described by organizations such as Friends of Judaism.

Historically, the uninformed or misinformed Christian response to Judaism has been somewhat indifferent and at times hostile. This is incomprehensible considering that Jesus was a practicing Jew. Yet, this 2000 year old paradox continues today. This site draws upon Christian concepts, scriptures, and writings to explore how Christians and others might logically support, defend, promote, and embrace Judaism and Jewish Community. At first glance, the title “Jesus for Judaism” appears to be an oxymoron – a contradiction of terms – like “Jews for Jesus.” However, as you will read here, there are many reasons for Christians to be supportive of Judaism and Jewish Community. We are not talking about “Messianic Judaism”(a combination of Judaism and Christianity) but traditional forms of Judaism — the authentic faith of Jesus.

The purpose of Jesus for Judaism is to support, defend, and promote Judaism and Jewish Community in local communities, in Israel, and around the world. We felt it would be helpful to develop this site as a resource to counteract and diffuse the misinformation and misconceptions that exists today regarding Judaism. Instead of confronting anti-Jewish propaganda we will simply present Biblical, historical, and modern day observations about Judaism from a Christian perspective. We hope you find this information helpful. If you are Jewish, we hope the writings here will encourage you in your faith. If you are a Christian, we hope the writings here will give you new insights into the Jewish faith of Jesus and help you develop a greater appreciation for Judaism and Jewish Community.