Is the Pope Catholic? Maybe Not!

RLI NEWS – Jerusalem, Israel. Recent Biblical and archaeological evidence now confirms that Jesus was, in fact, Jewish. For approximately 2000 years, followers of this first century Rabbi were apparently unaware that their leader was Jewish. This amazing discovery was made by Dr. Hadassah Hillel of the Zion Historical Research Institute. When asked about the discovery, Dr. Hillel explained, “It wasn’t that difficult to figure out. Both his parents were Jewish going back many generations. He grew up in a Jewish community, and after he was of age, he continued to attend Synagogue and pursue Judaism as an adult. So, he was not only Jewish by birth, but someone who chose Judaism as a way of life. It’s hard to believe nobody noticed this until now.”

Is the Pope Catholic? Maybe not! Apparently the Vatican was aware that Jesus was Jewish, but did not make the information public. This would explain why the Pope and other Catholic leaders wear a Yarmulke (Jewish head covering) as seen in the photos below. Representatives of various Protestant and Catholic organizations have now made official statements apologizing for the oversight.

Jews who were in the process of converting to Christianity are being told to return to Synagogue, while many devout Christians are now in the process of converting to Judaism out of respect for their Jewish leader. “It’s all very confusing,” exclaimed one Baptist minister. Rabbi Ariel Cohen has seen his congregation increase dramatically, “It’s really quite amazing. Jews who had left Synagogue to join churches are returning to Synagogue and bringing their Christian friends with them.”

A professor of Hebrew at a local university commented, “Part of my rejection of Jesus at any level was because he didn’t seem to do much for Judaism or Jewish community. Historically his followers have been indifferent or even hostile toward Judaism. That’s not a very good track record for someone who wants to be the Messiah of the Jewish people. It will be interesting to see what develops in light of this recent discovery.”

The North American based organization Jesus for Judaism was also instrumental in this discovery.



The news story above, while based mostly on true events and facts, is fictitious. It presents the general points about the Jewish faith of Jesus from a humorous perspective.

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